What is available for the Honored Guests:

  • Dresses for Girls or Tuxedos for Guys
  • Make-Up application
  • Up-Do for the females / Hair Styling for the males
  • Jewelry
  • Corsage/Boutonniere
  • Limo ride and walk down the Red Carpet
  • Photo
  • Gift bag
  • Appetizers/Desserts
  • Dancing

Is there a cost for anything?

  • No.  Due to the generosity of individuals and businesses who have sponsored each guest, the prom is free.

The night of the event, should the guests come dressed in their tuxedo or dress?

  • Yes, please come already dressed for the occasion.  We will take care of hair and make-up.

Are shoes provided?

  • No. We request that you wear your own shoes.  If that inhibits you from attending, please contact us.

Do I need to find a date or does everyone go stag?

  • No dates please. This is a fun-filled night where each Honored Guest will be partnered with a student who will act as their Host for the night.  We will partner everyone onsite as you check-in. Our student hosts look forward to being a friend to our honored guests and treating them like a star for the night!

What time should the guests arrive?

  • Check-in starts at 6pm. The “Prom Experience” goes from 6pm-9pm. The first 1 –1 ½ hrs. is getting paired up with your host and going through the ‘stations’ (hair, make-up, flowers, jewelry, photos, limos). The last 1 – 1 ½ hrs. is the Red Carpet, dance and dinner.

What is provided to eat?

  • Chick-fil-A chicken, fruit and desserts will be provided. There are also water stations throughout the event.

What time will “A Night to Remember” be over?

  • We will end at 9 pm.

Can parents, families, and/or para-professionals attend the evening with the guests?

  • We welcome family, friends, and para-professionals to be a part of the evening by joining our “paparazzi” to cheer on our guests as they make their way down the red carpet.  We do, however, want to allow the students to engage with their peers during the prom. Family members are welcome to observe from our Family Viewing Room, but we ask that we leave the event for the Honored Guests and Student Hosts. If a guest requires constant monitoring, exceptions will be made.  We want the experience to be fun and safe for everyone.