A Letter from Rob & Cheryl Shields

Dear Friends,

Rob & I wanted to share with you that A Night to Remember Prom will be celebrating its 10th and final year in 2020. THANK YOU for all you have done to partner with me and Rob over the past 10 years! We will look back at this past decade with incredible memories. 

When we launched A Night to Remember Prom in 2011, I was a stay-at-home Mom with our triplets being in 2nd grade. I dedicated myself full-time to launching and managing A Night to Remember. To host ANTR requires almost a year of planning and preparation, which is a full-family, all-hands-on-deck effort. There are many details and tasks associated with ANTR that most never see, but require a considerable amount of my family’s time. And, over the past 10 years, our season of life has changed. As you can imagine, the decision to end this adventure was a difficult one, especially because ANTR has been such a big part of our family. But, as we prepare to enter our triplets senior year and gear up for college, our family time has become limited.

Ten years ago, when we launched A Night to Remember Prom, there was nothing like it in San Diego County. We dreamed of a day where ANTR Prom wouldn’t be needed because students with special needs would be included in their own High School Proms and/or other organizations would catch the vision of inclusion. We have been excited to see more and more high schools celebrating and integrating their students with special needs into “mainstream” events. In addition, in 2014, the Tim Tebow Foundation launched a similar event, “A Night to Shine”. Tebow’s event has expanded to over 600 locations throughout the nation – with 3 events here in San Diego. Our family has attended “A Night to Shine” and encourage students who would love to continue to attend a safe Prom night experience outside of their school to jump in and attend “A Night to Shine” in the future!

For those that want to continue to serve these amazing students, there are other incredible organizations that we encourage you to invest in – The Arc of San Diego (which provides countless opportunities to all ages with special needs and volunteers) and Arms Wide Open (musical theater and dance company).

Again, thank you for the part you’ve played in lovingly celebrating our Honored Guests over the past 10 years. We can’t thank you enough.

To celebrate an amazing 10 years we will be hosting an ‘After-Party’ on Prom night, April 24th from 9pm-11pm on the Patio for anyone and everyone! I look forward to celebrating with you!!!

With love and appreciation,

Cheryl Shields
Founder/Executive Director of A Night to Remember Prom